by Fokke Gerritsen

In this lecture, Fokke Gerritsen (director at the Netherlands Institute in Turkey) will discuss Constantinople’s water supply through the centuries and the rich material and immaterial heritage in the city that bears witness to this. The second part of the lecture deals with the initiatives and plans currently being developed as part of the Urban Heritage Lab at the Netherlands Institute in Turkey in which water heritage occupies a central place. These initiatives have a dual purpose: to increase interest in water heritage and to develop strategies through which water heritage can help raise awareness of the current climate and water crisis.
The lecture will be in Dutch. Come to the National Museum of Antiquities (Leemans Room) or follow the lecture online via livestream.

Location: National Museum of Antiquities or online
Date and Time: 13 December 2023, 15.30-16.30

This lecture is part of the NIT day in Leiden. Go here for the full program of the day.